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8th February 2010 7pm

The Stars and the Soul - Nick Campion
Plato said that every soul has a star. But what did Ptolemy say? And Galileo? Is the soul below the stars or above it? And what does that mean for freedom of choice? Do you even have a soul? Or do you just have soul? And how do the Moon and Mercury fit in to this?                                   
Nick Campion is course director of the MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at the University of Wales, Lampeter and is on the Faculty of Kepler College. Past president of both the Astrological Association and the Lodge, his most recent book is The History of Western Astrology.

Class 2 of Mayan Astrology- Gill Dorren

15th February 2010 7pm

The Nodal Axis - Sonal Sachdeva
It’s vastly underestimated by most, yet it is the key to the soul's intent and what you encounter on that journey. By exploring the mythical significance across various cultures and the transits, placements and progressions in the natal chart we come across important relationships and events that unlock and point to our path and the soul's code.


Class 1 of Making a business out of your astrology Part 1 - Adam Fronteras

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